A Location with an International Clientele

Lively, cosmopolitan, multifaceted

Frankfurt Airport is characterized by an international clientele with above-average purchasing power. This makes the airport a highly profitable location for retailers in particular.

Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Arabs, Americans? Transferring foreigners account for a larger share of the total passenger volume in Frankfurt than at any other European airport. This yields unique benefits, because these passengers also happen to be the most enthusiastic consumers. They spend an average of two hours here, in many cases more, and therefore have enough time to stroll around the spacious shopping areas, explore, enjoy themselves, and of course make purchases. The target groups at the airport hail from all corners of the globe and include both business travelers and vacationers. Each nationality tends to buy different kinds of things. Deep-pocketed Russian or Arab passengers and avid shoppers from Asia guarantee large tabs. The large numbers of visitors from Germany, other European countries, and the U.S. also hold limitless potential for retailers and food & beverage outlets to tap.