Rental Requirements

Fundamental  requirements for our future partners include relevant experience in the retail  and food and beverage business, service orientation, and brand appeal. Above all, though, we are looking for concessionaires that share our extraordinary  passion for airport retailing and our drive for success.

In  order to check that these (and other) requirements are met and to get a general  idea of the applicant’s intentions, we ask potential partners to submit an extensive concept paper. This allows us to quickly and efficiently evaluate their application.


Important Contents of Your Concept Paper:

  • Your company profile
  • Concept and strategic orientation
  • Product range and key target groups
  • Visualizations and/or examples of comparable locations
  • Detailed expectation regarding space size, terminal, marketplace     

We  have put together a list of questions and answers for interested applicants  that we often receive regarding the wish to rent a concession space at  Frankfurt Airport.