FRA Location Advantages

Located in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is one  of the busiest air traffic hubs in the world. Frankfurt is a cosmopolitan  boomtown where charm and tradition join innovation, economic strength, and  purchasing power. Frankfurt Airport embodies and drives this successful  metropolitan region, making it the ideal location for outstanding businesses.

High passenger numbers – on peak days more than 200,000 – ensure  strong demand and sales revenue. At FRA, you will find a carefully curated mix  of international luxury brands and unique regional concepts which, together,  create a coherent and ever-growing range of attractive shops, diverse food and  beverage outlets, and travel services: “the Art of Retail in the Heart of

Our current infrastructure projects are reaching new  architectural heights and creating exclusive new marketplaces and retail space.  The completion of Terminal 3 will usher in a new era for the entire airport.  And, since we have the greatest percentage of transit passengers of any hub in  Europe, our partners profit from the strong purchasing power of international  travelers.

At Frankfurt Airport your retail business benefits from:

  • High customer traffic, 365 days a year
  • Tremendous percentage of international transferring passengers in a purchasing mood
  • Broad target group mix (passengers, meeters and greeters, airport employees, guests)
  • Above-average revenue potential due to customers' purchasing power
  • Retail space in perfect location, heavily trafficked areas
  • Continual development and diversification of the marketplaces
  • New areas in Terminal 3 and a new marketplace in the B Schengen Concourse
  • Marketplaces with a high-quality guest experience
  • Optimal, target-group oriented mix of concessionaires

The Best Conceps in One Spot

We see ourselves as a partner to our retailers and we meticulously  plan our concessionaire mix. With careful coordination we bring together the  best concepts in one location, providing our customers with a unique, high-end  retail experience. By joining this exceptional team, big names, well-known  brands, and regional companies can realize their full potential.

Additional Information

More information on traffic statistics, employees, technology,  services, etc. can be found  here.

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