Questions and Answers

List of questions on the concessionaire requirements at Frankfurt Airport

We have put together a list of questions and answers for applicants interested in renting a concession space at Frankfurt Airport.

To let us know that your are interested in renting a retail space, please send an email to:


It is important that you provide us with the following information:  

  • What makes your concept special?  
  • What products do you offer?  
  • Who is your target group or who are your target groups?  
  • Desired amount of space  
  • In which area of Frankfurt Airport would you like to rent a space (Schengen, Non-Schengen, landside, airside)?  
  • What is unique about your architectural design? What are your requirements regarding store design, shop fitting, equipment, and furnishing?    
  • Planned rental length
  • Please submit references as well as example pictures of shops that have already been implemented in other locations
  • Why do you want to rent a space at Frankfurt Airport and what is your strategic focus?  
  • What makes you stand out when it comes to sustainability? Do you have a sustainability concept?  
  • Information on the company structure and brand portfolio
  • Company profile  

Please note for a food and beverage application:

  • For applicants in the food and beverage sector, please send us a conceptual design according to the following schema: Here you will find the suitable template (only available in German).

Please note for a currency exchange application:

  • For currency exchange applications, the possession of an already-existing license by BaFin (Germany's Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) is an essential requirement. In addition, we also require information on your product portfolio, the markets and airports you currently serve, as well as annual turnover.  

Please note for a car rental application:

The following are essential requirements:  

  • Only car rental companies operating Germany-wide or internationally may apply  
  • Experience with car rental stations at airports an in city centers  
  • More than five years of business experience in the car rental industry
  • In addition, we would like to know details about the structure of the company (e.g. subsidiary, branch location, stand-alone company) as well as your brand portfolio including your brand and sub-brand strategy

Generally, we award concession spaces as part of a tender or bidding  process in which we invite the brands and operators we are most interested in  to participate. This process involving a bid solicitation ensures the  transparency of the awarding procedure.  

If we are interested in your concept, we will invite you to submit a  bid to a round of bid solicitation. We may send this invitation only after a  period of time, depending on the availability of spaces. Our rental management  team continuously evaluates which products and concepts are the best fit for  our marketplaces.  


Terminal 3 and the new marketplace B Schengen in Terminal 1

Marketing and bidding procedures are currently underway for the newly built concession spaces in Terminal 3 as well as in the new B Schengen area of Terminal 1.

Possibilities and requirements to open a car rental staion at Frankfurt Airport

Marketing and bidding procedures for new car rental spaces in  Terminal 3 as well as for the already-existing spaces in Terminal 1 are  currently (as of: Q4/2023) underway for companies that have previously  expressed interest. It is no longer possible to join the bidding procedures.  However, you can still feel free to send us a short application for spaces that  may free up in the future.    

The rents for  concession spaces are not calculated with a set amount per square meter.  Rather, the rent is based on a percentage of sales, which we agree upon with  our concessionaires and is based on the location, concept, and passenger  traffic. This sales percentage is combined with a minimum monthly rent  charge.  

Customers at Frankfurt Airport have considerable purchasing power,  are willing to spend, and have high demands in terms of quality and service.  Together with our concessionaires, we aim to meet these demands. Detailed  information on your concept, a description of your experience in the branch as  well as at comparable high-traffic locations are vitally important for your application. Also see Question 1.

In general, we prefer if the potential applicants have experience in  high-traffic locations. Additionally, sufficient liquidity and exceptional entrepreneurship are key for a successful retail space application at Frankfurt Airport.    

There are generally  standard contract terms for the rental of retail spaces at Frankfurt Airport.  The terms are usually five years. Shorter or longer terms are also possible,  e.g. based on the planned investment amount for the concept.    

We provide concession spaces to our concessionaires that are design  ready, meaning they already have various connections, including electricity and water. Everything else, from the flooring to the wall coverings and furniture,  you will need to bring into the concession space. There are special rules regarding fire safety that need to be adhered to. This also includes a tenant fit-out investment, which is paid for by the concessionaire.  

At Frankfurt Airport there are special requirements for operating  retail spaces. The operational requirements are determined by the seven-day  week and the minimum opening hours, which are set according to the flight  schedules for the specific departure area, usually between 6:00 and 22:00. Longer minimum opening times are common in order to comply with concepts created to  meet guests’ basic needs (such as convenience stores). For food and beverage outlets, this means a direct contact person (manager) must always be on site.    

We expect your staff to be fluent in both German and English and, ideally, also other international languages.     

Since our customers are some of the most discerning in the world,  staff must be highly knowledgeable and willing and able to provide an exceptionally high level of service.    

Currently there are no free spaces available. However, we are always on the lookout for interesting concepts when changing and finding new  concessionaires. Please feel free to send us your ideas in a short application. The information to be included in this application can be found under question 1.  

In addition to the rent, the concessionaire is required to finance a one-time tenant fit-out investment (i.e. flooring, wall covering, furnishings,  etc.) as well as a rental deposit. The investment costs are considerably higher than alternative locations outside of an airport. This is due to the technical complexity of the location and the higher requirements involved, for example regarding fire safety. The rental deposit is generally six months minimum rent.    

Regular additional costs include extra charges per square meter calculated as a flat rate, costs for useful energy, usage-based ancillary costs (water and electricity) as well as running costs for storage, break rooms and  social rooms, parking spaces, employee ID cards, etc. There are also regular costs for media and marketing activities.    

The awarding and opening procedures for retail spaces at Frankfurt Airport include multiple phases: from the bid solicitation and the application phase to negotiating the rental contract, concluding the contract and the subsequent building discussions and fitting out the space. For food and  beverage outlets, the entire process until the property is handed over to be  fitted by the concessionaire takes between 18 to 24 months. For retail spaces,  there is generally a lead time of between 15 and 18 months – starting from the bid solicitation up to when the property is handed over to by fitted by the concessionaire.    

We offer you the option for a flexible, short-term rental of a fully-equipped retail space in the B Non-Schengen area, where you can  innovatively present your business. This concept allows you to reach new target  groups, try out campaigns or draw attention to certain seasonal products, and  increase your brand awareness without a long-term contract.    

There are also spaces in various terminal areas that are available as a pop-up location  [Download here] where you bring in your own fittings.  

Individual locations are not given out for vending businesses. Entire areas are awarded through bid solicitation. Currently, the airport does not have a need for consumer-item vending machines or gaming machines.    

Frankfurt Airport offers  exceptional advertising possibilities including for cross-medial,  target-group-oriented ads that leave a lasting impression. The Fraport  subsidiary Media Frankfurt is your point of contact for exploring the possibilities of modern advertising at Frankfurt Airport.  

Find out more here  on all the advantages of airport advertising and get in contact with us:

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In general, we consider all the information shared with us by concession applicants to be confidential. Since demand for our concession spaces is so high, it is not possible to arrange a non-disclosure agreement for every request or application.