Your Retail Customers

In a Spending Mood the Whole Year Through

Your Retail Customers

“The Art of Retail in the Heart of Europe” – for each and every one of us: More than  200,000 passengers visit our terminals every day. Added to that are visitors,  meeters and greeters, as well as the thousands of employees at Frankfurt  Airport, Germany’s largest workplace. Together with our concessionaires we give  our all to make sure this discerning clientele has everything they desire by  providing them world-class retail experiences


Of all the European airports, Frankfurt Airport has the highest  percentage of international transit passengers. Travelers with considerable  spending power from Asia, the U.S. the Middle East and across the globe arrive  and depart from here, willing to embark on a shopping spree.

They have an average layover time of two hours, leaving them  enough time to wander our stores and enjoy themselves. In particular,  passengers from the Middle East and Asia often make large purchases here. But  German, European, and other international passengers are also highly attractive  target groups for retailers. With their readiness to treat themselves at the airport and enthusiasm for luxury brands, these passenger groups promise  profitable possibilities.

Meeters and Greeters

Many  passengers are dropped off and picked up at the airport. Their family, friends,  and colleagues are thus an attractive target group for retailers, food and  beverage outlets, and service providers in our landside marketplaces.

Frankfurt Airport Employees

With more than 80,000 employees, Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s  largest workplace. Just like our passengers, airport employees also walk the  terminals, buying small daily necessities or making major purchases.