Travelers, meeters, greeters, and airport  employees all appreciate the diversity of our shops and services located  landside, i.e. before security and passport control. On the arrivals level as  well as in the check-in area of Terminal 1, there are numerous shopping and  dining opportunities.  In addition to exciting brands and food and beverage  concepts, a considerable number of services can be found landside in Terminals  1 and 2 including car rentals, banks, pharmacies, and supermarkets.

The Airport City Mall is the vibrant entryway  to Terminal 1. Here, paths intersect to and from the check-in areas, parking  structures, as well as the long-distance and regional train stations. The Car  Rental Center and the Deutsche Bahn Travel Center are key landside service areas set up to ideally meet the needs of travelers, visitors, and employees.

In the next few years, Concourse  B in the landside area of Terminal 1 will undergo a complete remodel that will  have an even stronger passenger focus. A large part of the  current landside area will become the new B Schengen marketplace, with more  than 4,000 square meters of attractive concession space for retailers and food  and beverage providers.

Our landside  marketplaces also feature some visitor attractions that provide a view of the  airfield, making them an exciting destination for many residents from the  surrounding region. Terminal 2’s food court draws visitors from throughout the  region and features a children’s play area and access to the Visitors’ Terrace.

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